1.  Notch (verb): Score or achieve (something). (हासिल करना, प्राप्त करना)

Synonyms: Score, Achieve, Attain, Secure

Antonyms; Give Up, Abandon
Example: He notched up fifteen years’ service with the company.

Related:  Mark, Nick, Notched

2. Uptick (noun): A small increase or slight upward trend. (इजाफा)

Synonyms: Accretion, Accrual.

Antonyms: Deduction, Subtraction. 

Example: There is an uptick in foreign tourism this year.

Related: Accumulation, Assemblage.

3 Lackluster (adjective): Lacking in vitality, force, or conviction; uninspired or uninspiring. (मंद)

Synonyms: Dull, Boring, Flat

Antonyms: Bright, Lively, Shiny.

Example: No excuses were made for the team’s lackluster performance.

Related: Luster-less, dry.

4. Credible (adjective): Able to be believed; convincing. (विश्वसनीय)

Synonyms: Believable, Creditable, Likely.

Antonyms: Absurd, Doubtful, Dubious.

Example: Few people found his story credible.

Related: Cogent, Compelling, Conclusive.

5. Spurt (noun): A sudden marked burst or increase of activity or speed.

Synonyms: Commotion, outburst

Antonyms: Peace, continuity.

Example: The company enjoyed a growth spurt when its turnover almost doubled.

Related: Recurrence, renewal.

6. Proactive (adjective): (of a person or action) creating or controlling a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened. (सक्रिय)

Synonyms: Anxious, Dedicated. Motivated.

Antonyms: Careless, Heedless, Incautious

Example: Employers must take a proactive approach to equal pay.

Related: Perceptive, Percipient

7. Ordinance (noun): An authoritative order. (अध्यादेश)

Synonyms – Acts, Law, Enactments.

Antonyms – Lawlessness, Veto, Disorganization.

Example – Strong ordinance is required to ensure women safety.

Related Words – Decree, Statute, Bill.

8. Gamut (noun): Detailed, expansion, the complete range or scale of something. (विस्तार)  

Synonyms – Sweep, Breadth, Scope, Reach, Extent

Antonyms – Stand Still, Leave, Bottom Out.

Examples – She ran the gamut with physical humor and dished out droll.

Relatedwords – Area, Magnitude, Reach, Sweep.

9. Expedite (verb): – Make happen faster. (शीघ्र)

Synonyms – Accelerate, Hasten, Urge.

Antonyms – Delay, Hinder, Slow.

Example – We have to expedite our revisions to complete the it before the exam.

Relatedwords – Advance, Quicken, Hurry.

10. Freight (noun): Goods being shipped. (माल ढुलाई)

Synonyms – Carriage, Merchandise, Shipment.

Antonyms – Disburden, Unload, Discharge.

Example – Some of them did not unload, but others dumped piles of freight by the docks

Relatedwords – Payload, Consignment, Transportation.

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